A Momcation Series: Part 3–A Plane Ride Away


For part three of DC Area Moms “Momcation” series, we bring you some locations that are a plane ride away. In our first two articles, we looked at staycations and locations an easy drive away from the area

Sometimes you just need to hop on that plane, put on your headphones, and take your Momcation somewhere farther—somewhere a plane ride away. Maybe you’re meeting friends for a friend’s weekend; maybe you are taking a solo vacation; maybe you’re headed to an event. Maybe it’s your first time flying away from your family or maybe you’re a seasoned pro at this point. Regardless, there are so many great locations that are an easy plane flight from the DMV! We all know a direct flight is best, and most of these locations have direct flight options.

Personally, I’ve loved going a little farther away for a momcation, and I highly encourage every Mom to do one when they feel ready. Here are some of our favorite locations. Some of these locations also have a sister City Moms Collective site! 

All the Sun

For those who like to lay on the beach or at a pool and soak in the sun, try Palm Springs, Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, or Savannah, GA. These locations have endless options for places to stay at all price points, and all have a food scene to die for. One of the things I like best about all of these locations is that there is little pressure to “do stuff.” You really can just sit and hang out and not feel bad about not sight-seeing.

Momcation with friends in Fort Lauderdale

Staying warm enough

For those who like warmer weather, but aren’t necessarily beach or pool people, a few locations great for anytime of year (although winters might be slightly colder, but still pretty mild), try San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, or Portland, OR. These locations have lots to do and see, but also have a chill enough vibe that you can sit at a coffee shop, stroll along their versions of “Main Street,” or enjoy a glass of wine in the afternoon, and still feel nice and relaxed.

Best of Both

Some places have cold winters, but warm summers. If you’re trying to decide warm or cold, you should consider one of these cities. The best of both worlds, you can pick your time to go. Check out Chicago, Portland, ME, or Minneapolis.

Winter Wonderlands

If cold weather if your thing, Montreal or Salt Lake City should be places to check out. There are lots of activities  to choose from like skiing, ice skating, dog sledding—to name a few. These locations also feature great places to stay and amazing restaurants. What more could you want?! Throw on your best puffer coat and embrace the cold!

There are lots of places out of town to go for your momcation. Take that plane ride and enjoy yourself.

Have you taken a momcation that was too good not to share? Tell us in the comments!