Code Ninjas Germantown is Opening Soon

This is a sponsored post for Code Ninjas. We hope you enjoy learning about their new program!

Code Ninjas is getting ready to open its doors in Germantown, MD

Code Ninjas Germantown is a mom-owned kids computer coding (programming) learning center. At Code Ninjas they turn a student’s natural inclination to play electronic games into a unique learning strategy. At Code Ninjas, students ages 7-14 learn the entire software development system — from the initial idea to creating virtual 3D games. Quite simply, they build video games while learning about basic computer science principles.  Future jobs don’t just involve technology anymore — future jobs involve creating technology. So learning to code is not an option anymore, it is the norm. We have to prepare our kids to Read, Write, & Code! What is coding? Coding is a step-by-step instruction that tells computers what to do. It is all around us–in our cars, smartphones, kitchen electronics, etc. Coding is our future. At Code Ninjas, students learn to think like a programmer and not simply learn to speak a programming language. There are hundreds of programming languages and it is nearly impossible to master them all, plus the computer languages are being outdated constantly, hence the importance to learn to think like a programmer.

Code Ninjas Atmosphere and Attitude

Kids learn best when taught in a fun and interactive environment and Code Ninjas strives to use that principle at the new Germantown center. Code Ninjas curriculum is structured on the martial arts theme. Students start as a white belt and learn the basics of programming and game building principles. They progressively build on that to earn black belt status. Black belts are able to develop the concept of a game or a solution to an existing problem in terms of an app. They design it, code it, test it, write copy, then provide illustrations (storyboard) to publish it on the App store. Code Ninjas goal is to get children to a level where they can learn new technologies on weekend or weekday time slots. 

Code Ninjas Community

There has been a flood of interest in enrollment at this new center. Pre-Enrollment began two weeks ago which offers promotional pricing for the first 50 founding families. Code Ninjas is close to the 50 mark already. If you are interested, register now to lock in the pre-enrollment prices which will never be offered again.  Many parents comment how wonderful it is to teach kids to build games since they can’t get the kids to stop playing video games! Furthermore, while playing they will understand the inner workings of a game too. How cool is that? One mom who just registered her daughter said her daughter likes to be on a team, but not team sports. Code Ninjas curriculum is perfect for her since, while she is learning to code, she can also collaborate with other students. Students can work on various Robotics projects, learn how to logically put together several disparate parts, and they work as a team to create an end product exactly like team sports! Code Ninjas is overjoyed to truly make a difference in this girl’s life. At Code Ninjas Germantown, they take this responsibility really seriously. 

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Check out DC Area Moms Blog Facebook Live at 10:30 am on Monday, September 24. DC Area Moms Blog will take a tour of the new Code Ninjas space, meet the owner, and learn more about this exciting new hub for creating and learning. Code Ninjas soft opening is the first week of September and the Grand Opening Celebration will be October 6th from 11 am to 1 pm. They have weekday drop-in hours from 1 to 7 pm and weekends from 11 am to 3 pm. Please stay tuned for their latest updates through their website and check out their Facebook Page.