Amanda Holliday-Bembridge

When she's not reading a thriller or crocheting something new, Amanda loves exploring all of the incredible options in the DMV area with her (almost as tall as her) little one. Her desire to continue learning more about young children and their families pushed her to become Doc Holliday, receiving her doctorate in Infant & Early Childhood Development specializing in Infant Mental Health and Developmental Disorders. Years of working with young children and prenatal/postnatal mamas have given her hours of material that she is excited to share in her blog posts. (She had her half-Jamaican son born during a blizzard and traveled to the hospital in Uber. Just one of the fun stories she has to tell!)

29 Quick Ways to Get FREE Popular Baby Samples and Items

Pregnant and looking for some baby deals?! The words "free" and "new baby" may seem like opposites, but we there are LOTS of freebies for you and your new little one! Check out the...

Fail Videos Teach My Frustrated Kid to Grow Resiliency

Interested in fail videos to grow resiliency? All too often, social media feeds the terrible habits of us self-diagnosed Type A, perfectionist people. We see perfectly clean and decorated homes, beautifully designed cakes, and...
new year's eve

New Year’s Eve With Kids Guide

My little guy and I are always excited for a party or balloon drop so when New Year's Eve comes around, we're ready to go! Honestly, my old-in-bed-by-9 pm but would prefer a "Noon...

The Best Local Beer and Cider in the DC Area

4520 Daly Drive, Suite 102 Chantilly, VA 20151571.409.6662Ono Brewing Company is a veteran and family-owned brewery in Chantilly with family connections to Hawaii. "Ono" means delicious in Hawaiian. Ono features a self-serve beer wall with 12...

Christmas Tree Farm Guide

Last year, for the first time ever, we cut down our own Christmas tree at a local tree farm. I still don't know who had more fun—myself, my husband, or our kid! While the...

2022 Holiday Light Display Guide

It's time to light the lights! Check out the best walking and driving places to enjoy holiday light displays across the DMV area! Walking Light Displays DC Holiday Lights Neighborhoods across DC will be decorating their main...
explore Jamaica like a native

Explore Jamaica Like An (Almost) Native

If you find yourself visiting Jamaica, this gorgeous, popular tourist destination, you may want to explore with more of a local's set of eyes. Ok, I’m not a local at all, but being married...

3 Irresistible Authors That Are Mind-Blowing and Incredibly Captivating

Let me start off by saying that I’ve never loved fiction. My go-to has always been murder mystery. Give me a gruesome James Patterson and I’ll be done in a few hours. Recently though, I...
toddler friendly summer

Toddler-Friendly Summer Scavenger Hunt!

Looking to keep your little one busy this summer? Check out this list of super fun, toddler-friendly activities in and around DC that will put a smile on everyone's face! Involve your child by taking...
feeling numb

Feeling Numb as a Parent: Ways to Keep Going in an Unsafe World

In the span of a week, I found myself complacent in feeling numb as a parent. First, my child had been a close contact with Covid three times in a matter of days. Three...

Going Through The Goo Phase Of Change Sucks

Here’s the thing I’m starting to really hate about social media: the instant change videos.  One minute a curbside trash dresser... *blink*: A stunning home decor worth thousands.  One minute a house so untidy it resembles...
Amanda Holliday-Bembridge

Contributor Spotlight: Amanda Holliday-Bembridge

Hello mamas! I’m Amanda Holliday-Bembridge; I like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain… no wait, wrong intro (and secretly, I hate Pina Coladas!). As one of the original contributors to DC Area...

The Carb Report: 6 Delicious Once-A-Year Carbs To Enjoy This Holiday

This month, we share our favorite carb-tastic holiday treats, from cornbread stuffing to homemade ravioli. By Amanda Holliday and Becky Bowman 🎵 “It’s the most de-li-cious time of the year, with those stuffing cubes toasting and...
pass the time in carpool line

10 Ways to Pass the Time While Waiting In a Carpool Line

If back to school (aka back to carpool line) has you dreading the longest part of the day, you’re not alone. For me, using every minute effectively counts during our busy days. This means...