Poppins Payroll Easily Handles the Hassle of Household Payroll

This Post is sponsored by Poppins Payroll and we hope you enjoy learning about the new service they are providing for families in our area.

Poppins Payroll, a payroll company for household employers, has recently launched their all-inclusive service in Maryland and Virginia (and will launch in DC proper in 6 months). Poppins can handle ALL of your household payrolls for just over a $1 a day—for employees like nannies (or nanny shares), housekeepers, lawn keepers, personal assistants, caregivers, nurses, pet-sitters, drivers, etc.  Poppins has no minimum contract, no annual fees, no sign-up fees, no year-end form fees, no direct deposit fees, and no other added fees. The first month is even free. And did we mention that it is mobile-friendly, easy-to-use, professional, and super adorable as well? 

If you pay a household employee such as a nanny, babysitter, elder caregiver or house manager more than $2,100 a year to perform work in your home (or occasionally even out of your home such as in a nanny share), the IRS says you are a household employer.  As a household employer, you must comply with certain tax obligations, commonly referred to as the “nanny taxes” or “household payroll taxes.”

Household Payrolls with Poppins Payroll

Poppins Payroll is accessible, all online, and the premiere way to manage household payroll and taxes.  Poppins Payroll’s dashboard is easy to navigate. Signatures are all done electronically and tax and payroll documents are maintained in their digital library for five years.  Payments to your employees can be made by check or direct deposit at no extra cost.  They even send you reminders when the pay period is closing; so, you can make adjustments if needed.  It is a very user-friendly, intuitive site meant to make this task less of a headache. 

With Poppins Payroll’s all-inclusive service, they set up your State and Federal accounts, calculate the withholding amount and other taxes for each payment to your employee, prepare your employee’s W-2’s and your Schedule H at the end of the year, submit your quarterly tax filings, and calculate and make your quarterly tax payments.  You are still in the lead, but they handle all of the nitty-gritty paperwork that goes with having household employees. As parents, we are already juggling so much and Poppins Payroll is here to help manage it all. 

Poppins Payroll Helps Families

Poppins Payroll truly cares about helping families alieve the stress around household employer taxes. Poppins was founded by two moms–an attorney and a CPA. They created this service when a group of parents shared their frustrations that their household tax services took too much of their energy and money. Poppins Payroll was born out of these mutual frustrations and needs. Their solution to this prevalent problem is now a one-stop service that allows parents to gain back freedom from worrying about managing this extra work and expense for their household.  Added bonus, paying household employees legitimately results in the employees being able to build their credit, accrue Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment benefits, and establish a legitimate work history.

All this for $39 a month (compared to similar services which cost over $1,000 annually).  If you are looking to alleviate the pain of managing household payrolls in 2019, look no further than Poppins Payroll.

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