The BEST of DC Moms Blog: Our Top 10 Posts of 2018


We are so grateful to have launched DC Moms Blog earlier this year and are looking forward to an even more exciting and fruitful year ahead in 2019 with posts and events. We are taking a content break the last week of December to spend time with our families, but look forward to providing fresh new content starting January 2, 2019!

Please take a look at the most read post since our launch in late April.

Top 10 DC Moms Blog Posts

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10. Infertility Awareness Week: Top 5 Things NOT to Say to Someone Dealing with Infertility

“I struggled for 2 years to get pregnant. It may not sound like that long, but it felt like forever while I was living it. My husband and I met with an infertility specialist and testing ultimately showed that I was unlikely to get pregnant without IVF, so that was our next step.  I was incredibly fortunate that our first embryo transfer was successful.” – Mallory

9. Joyfully Exploring Nature with Littles Leading the Way

“Does the idea of exploring nature with littles leading the way make you sweat? You’re not alone! Lots of parents prefer leading to following; however, when we gift our children the chance to lead, we empower them to be confident and independent.” – Steph

8. Code Ninjas Germantown is Opening Soon

(now it is open!) “Code Ninjas Germantown is a mom-owned kids computer coding (programming) learning center. At Code Ninjas they turn a student’s natural inclination to play electronic games into a unique learning strategy. At Code Ninjas, students ages 7-14 learn the entire software development system — from the initial idea to creating virtual 3D games. Quite simply, they build video games while learning about basic computer science principles.  Future jobs don’t just involve technology anymore — future jobs involve creating technology. So learning to code is not an option anymore, it is the norm.” – DC Moms Blog

7.  The Anti “Mommy Wars”: Embracing our Differences to Build Better Friendships

“We had everything and nothing in common. Our day-to-day lives as mothers were nearly identical, but our backstories could not have been more different. There’s a decade age gap between our youngest and oldest friend. One of us worked for the Republican Governors Association and another is a lifelong registered Democrat. We are Christian, Hindu, Muslim, and agnostic.” – Anita

6. I am Always Busy and Yet Get Nothing Done

“I am beginning to understand that this is life. The challenges are my reality and no matter what I do, to some degree, they are likely to continue. Some of these challenges, like interruptions and over-booking can be managed better, but they also aid in a different kind of productivity that I don’t give myself credit for. I may not have folded the laundry because I planned the Halloween party and I may not have gone through the mail because I bought the fall clothes, but guess what? I planned the Halloween party and bought the fall clothes. That deserves a pat on the bat for productivity. Yay me!” – Rachel

5. Breast Pumps: My Experience with the Medela Symphony and the Spectra S1

“I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a breast pump that suits your unique body and needs. Good breast pumps will help you to maintain or increase your supply while making the pumping experience more enjoyable.”  – Alice

4. A Year of Dates: A Holiday Gift for Your Spouse

“One Christmas, after a particularly rough patch we had experienced, I knew what we needed was simply more time together. I did some thinking and planning, and came up with the perfect gift: a year of dates.” – Juliet

3. I Wear a Hijab and This is What I Want You to Know

“I still remember that rainy fall afternoon when I walked out with my hijab (headscarf) for the first time. Covering up was one of the biggest and most important decisions of my life. It was extremely LIBERATING for me.” – Dana

2. Raising Boys, Not Bums

“I loved The Paper Bag Princess because the clever and bold Elizabeth was a refreshing alternative to princesses who were fancy and passive (two things I was not). But in retrospect, I feel sold short: I was challenged to be more, without expecting men to be more, too. As an adult and mom who now reads this book to my two boys, I realize it’s missing their role model. “Don’t be a bum” is a poor excuse for a moral; where is the alternative to Prince Ronald?” – Katherine

1. Epic DC Summer Adventure Bucket List: 50 Fun (free or cheap!) Outings for Kids and Families

“The DC area has no shortage of fun activities for families. Here is our epic guide to 50 local, kid-friendly excursions we’re putting on our bucket list for the summer … and even better, most of them are FREE. Summer boredom is not an issue here!” – Ali & Juliet

Our FAVORITE Guides from readers were:

  1. Guide to Pumpkin Patches
  2. Ultimate Spray, Splash, and Water Park Guide
  3. Guide to Photographers
  4. Holiday Gift Guide
  5. Monthly Family-Friendly Events Guides monthly from Julie


Other TOP posts from our site include:

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If you have a favorite post or guide from this year, please share it below!

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