Second-Trimester Pregnancy Essentials


I’m kind of in shock at how quickly this pregnancy has gone. I was warned that the second time around, time just seems to fly by and that is absolutely the truth. I wrote about my first-trimester essentials here and I wanted to recap my second-trimester pregnancy essentials and what helped me get through it.  I hope this helps you find some relief and ideas to help manage all the changes that go with pregnancy!

Second-Trimester Pregnancy Essentials:

1. Body pillow:

This body pillow is a LIFESAVER! At the beginning of my second trimester, I didn’t think I would need it even though I remembered it being so helpful with my first pregnancy. But in the past few weeks, I am so glad I have it. That belly does some major growth in the second trimester and you will be beyond happy you invested in one of these. Especially on those nights where you just can’t seem to get comfortable.

2. Noodle and Boo Elasticity Oil:

This Noodle and Boo Elasticity oil was a new one for me, but after getting rave reviews from a friend I decided to try it out. I have a few belly oils I keep on rotation, but this one is my favorite. It has worked like a charm! It has a clean smell, isn’t overly greasy, its made from calendula extract and grapeseed oil and is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde, GMOs and dyes.

3. Belly Band:

A belly band that you can wear right over your non-maternity jeans and pants, zipper and buttoning optional – all the yeses! I’ve used these since I found out I was pregnant because jeans are just never comfortable on a growing belly. But they definitely came in nice and handy as the bump kept growing through the second trimester.

4. Lavender essential oil:

If you follow me on Instagram, you know my love for essential oils (feel free to contact me if you want to know more). Since my pregnancy insomnia has been pretty fierce, I’ve relied so much on diffusing Young Living’s lavender essential oils and though it hasn’t cured my sleepless nights, it has helped immensely.

5. Maternity leggings:

If there’s one thing that’s worth investing in while you’re pregnant, let these maternity leggings be it! No matter the season, you can wear these and dress them up or down. I’ve worn them to work out and for date night. This pregnancy, I’ve chosen to size up rather than buying maternity clothes. But these maternity leggings are like butter – so comfortable and versatile.

6. A “feel good” item for mama.

With everything else changing on your body, I have found that little things can go a long way in making a pregnant mama feel good. Maybe painting your own nails, buying a new lipstick or statement necklace can make you feel a little extra special.  For me, its been earrings and shoes this pregnancy. It doesn’t have to be pricey, it just has to add a little bit of extra confidence when you need it with the ever-changing pregnancy body.
Hope all you mamas-to-be reading this are feeling great out there. And if you aren’t pregnant yourself but know someone who is, send this list their way. Hope it helps!
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