The Answers to Your Most Asked Questions


Before I even relocated to the DC area, I joined a Facebook group for Maryland parents. These types of groups are beyond helpful, with the exception of all those “way harsh, Tai” commenters out there and you know who you are.

However, I just looked back at the first-ever post I made, reaching out to fellow Maryland moms and dads, and the responses were nothing but positive. I have found pediatricians, eye doctors and friends thanks to these Facebook groups. And even though I’ve now been in Maryland for 5 years, I still find them useful. Some of my friends playfully pick on me for still using Facebook as much as I do, but I will continue to use it even with the occasional questionable content sometimes.

Have you seen ALL of DC Area Moms’ Facebook Groups: DC Area Moms & Families, various Neighborhood Community & Conversation Groups, New & Expecting Moms Group, or our Book Club! Get ready for some IRL hangouts via the neighborhood groups and book club.

Being a member of these Facebook groups, you will see a lot of the same questions posed over and over. So, I thought: why not take these common questions and put the answers all in ONE PLACE?! I’m a big fan of a one stop shop.

The Answers to Your Most Asked Questions

This is in no real order, they are just the questions I see posted a lot.

  1. Photographers. People asked for suggestions all the time, and guess what? We have a guide for the Best Local Photographers! Check it out!
  2. Custom cakes/cupcakes. First – I have seen online that Giant, Walmart and Super Target all have promos where, with a purchase from the bakery (usually around $15), you get a free 1st b-day smash cake! I am past the 1st b-day stage, but last year, my six-year-old requested a Lego cake. I’m not creative, nor do I bake, but I can research and throw money at things! Have Your Cake & eat it too made me look good in front of my little man. Also, we have another guide for bakeries and cookie shops.

    Cake by Have Your Cake & eat it too
  3. Pediatric dentists. My son chipped his tooth when he was only one-year-old. Parenting is fun. Luckily I found DC Pediatric Smiles and I hope this doesn’t sounds weird but, I am obsessed with them! Here is DC Area Moms’ Pediatric Dentists Guide. And Orthodontist Guide!
  4. House cleaning. Here are a few I found recommended on various Facebook groups: cleanpolishshines, T.B. Cleaning Services, Shine & Spray, Atlantic Maids, and Season Maids.
  5. Playgrounds. Big question. Big. Huge. Lucky for you, we have a big, huge guide for the BEST PLAYGROUNDS. Parents are always asking about shaded playgrounds and my answer would be Cabin John Regional Park. The playground at the Rio is also one of my favorites because there is SO much to do at the Rio! The last time my son and I were there, we played on the playground, went to Barnes & Noble for books, played at Dave & Buster’s and went on the paddle boats!

    Paddle boat ride at the Rio
  6. SUMMER CAMPS. If you don’t want your kids home all summer – because I know I don’t (sorry, not sorry) – camps are life! My six-year-old has had great experiences with these three: Bar-T, Summer at Sandy Spring, and Camp Olympia. Camp Olympia is also open at the very end of summer when a lot of other camps are closed. See DC Area Mom’s FULL Summer Camp Guide for a comprehensive tool.
  7. Hair stylists. I’ll be honest – I don’t love getting my hair done because it takes a long time, but I haven’t embraced my greys as of yet, so to the hair chair I go! Here are a few I found recommended on various Facebook groups: Adrienne Does Hair LLC, Concierge Hair Services, Kali Rey Hair Studio, D-Rock Salon and Symmetry Salon Studios.

Do you have any to add to this list? Let us know!