7 Reasons Every Child Needs Music Lessons


You’ve seen the joy in your child’s eyes – that light that shines when they’re in awe of something new, or they understand a fresh concept. We see it too – in International School of Music students! Creating music has an incredible way of inspiring growth and wonderment in children, but those aren’t the only benefits. Wondering if you child needs music lessons?

1. Open up a new world of sound

Studies show that music lessons can increase kids’ vocabulary, reading comprehension, and even their ability to learn new languages. These effects are even stronger in younger kids, so the earlier you start your child in music lessons the more benefits they may see.

2. Improve Learning Skills

Multiple studies have shown the benefits of music lessons on children’s academic performance. Not only do music students show improved scores on standardized tests, their grades are generally higher, their hand-eye coordination is improved, and music training can even stimulate an increased rate of brain growth in younger kids. In addition, there is a direct correlation between music study and verbal competency, motor and auditory skills, reasoning abilities and problem solving, all essential abilities that will help children become well-rounded adults.

3. Better Study Habits

The foundation of steady musical progress is consistent practice! Learning how to manage your time and build a practice schedule at an early age will help students manage their schoolwork as well as any other extracurricular activities. Learning how to problem-solve and stick to a schedule in the practice room will carry over to homework time and help your child confidently accomplish his/her goals!

4. Develop Creative and Social Skills

Aside from music’s intellectual benefits, the creative possibilities of music are endless. Children will not only learn to express their inner selves, they can also learn to create their own music, whether through improvisation, recording, or composition.

5. Build confidence and boost memory

Children who perform in front of an audience develop greater self-confidence and get to enjoy that incredible feeling of having accomplished a goal. In addition, practicing an instrument helps boost memory performance and harnesses pattern recognition skills. This allows children (and adults!) to focus and learn more efficiently.

6. Benefits are maintained throughout life

Practicing helps develop new and stronger pathways for communication across hemispheres, which improves cognitive abilities. Those benefits are maintained into adulthood. In short, the music lessons you provide for your child now will give them long-lasting advantages.

7. Most Importantly… It’s Fun!

There’s nothing more captivating or engaging than jamming with friends or bandmates or playing your favorite song solo! Even when students are just getting started, no matter how simple, there is nothing better than to say, & I just made music! So, aside from all of the above benefits, music is a wonderful pursuit in its own right, and something that
will benefit and stick with your child for the rest of their life.

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