Libby Bianchi

Libby is a lover of life, seeker of light, and eater of ice cream. She grew up in the DC metro area and settled in Reston, VA. She lives with her two daughters, her wild flowers, Lucia and Annabelle, 10 and 6 yrs old. Coming to the realization that life is to be documented, she started a family/newborn/branding photography business in 2019. As a further attempt to document all the things, she’s pursuing her passion of writing, and hopes to connect with the community and to leave a legacy for her children in the words she shares.

How I Found Myself in the Wild

In March, I had a four day in-patient hospital stay for severe tonsillitis and, what the doctor called, “sepsis-light”. While recovering at home afterwards I watched the movie “Wild”. It stars Reese Witherspoon as...
The House That Built Me

The House That Built Me

You know that Miranda Lambert song, The House That Built Me? (PSA: it’s beautiful…listen to it if you haven’t) I had that house as a child. The one that built me. The one where I...
5 tips on parenting by a non-expert

5 Tips on Parenting by a Non-Expert

I like experts and have relied on them many a time over the course of my life for various matters, parenting included. As a society, we need them. But sometimes it's refreshing to bring...
fed is best

Fed Is Best

The tale: "Breast is best" It was my last day of maternity leave with my youngest, Annabelle, a feisty 4 month old who hated car rides.  On my way to meet her dad for lunch at...

Infertility Explained From the Heart

To explain what it’s like to be faced with infertility is difficult, but allow me to try from the heart. It’s constantly living in a state of fear, but with a smidge of hope. You...
COVID is suffocating me

COVID is Suffocating Me…But Then I Breathe

COVID is suffocating me I strap on my N95 mask upon entering the gym to watch my 6-year-old’s basketball game. A few minutes in, I am calm and seated, but still having a hard time...
infant loss

My Infant Loss Story (12 Years Later)

This is a guest article from Libby Bianchi.  I remember shopping for my black dress at the mall that one humid fall day twelve years ago.  Not a sexy strappy one for a cocktail party. ...