Soraya Coppolino

Soraya Coppolino is a local DMV resident and lives in Bethesda, MD. Her days fly by as a mom to her active four and six-year-old and wife to her wonderful husband of 9 years. Soraya was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She moved to the D.C. area after landing a sought-after opportunity in product management for National Geographic and has enjoyed her career in product management ever since. She loves the D.C. area and exploring all it offers: from the best museums to the biggest pumpkin patches. She's a "triathlete." She and her husband have completed 12 triathlons together. After taking some time off to focus on her babies, she's back at it! She completed her first in 5 years this past summer. Soraya loves to travel and will be going abroad with her family next year.

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