Fostering Your Child’s Development at EDCJCC Preschool


The hunt for the perfect preschool often feels like one of the most important decisions for new parents. I remember searching for my oldest, weighing the things that meant most to our family – teaching philosophy, sense of community, and convenience. 

Many schools had one or two of those characteristics really dialed in, but were missing the third to make it the perfect fit. It felt totally overwhelming! 

Luckily, the DC area is home to some excellent schools that really do have it all, where there is a welcoming and inclusive community, excellent teaching and curriculum, and a prime location. The Edlavitch DC Jewish Community Center Preschool is just that. 

A Nurturing Preschool in the Heart of DC

Curriculum at EDCJCC Preschool

The EDCJCC Preschool fosters a warm, nurturing environment for its students and their families. This is thanks to experienced teachers, thoughtful classroom design, and a child-centric curriculum

Photographer: Kimberly Goldwein

The curriculum is Reggio-Emilia inspired, encouraging the students’ curiosity, creativity, and growth. One of my favorite aspects of a Reggio-based curriculum is the connection between the children, their families, and their teachers. This means there are open lines of communication between school and home, which includes thoughtful documentation of the childrens’ daily lives at school. As a parent, it’s amazing to have a window into what their children are learning and enjoying at school. 

As part of the JCC, there are of course Jewish aspects of the curriculum. These include teaching about Jewish holidays, celebrating Shabbat as a school community, and introducing values through a Jewish lens, like the concept of Tzedakah, which means charity and justice. 

While these Jewish threads are woven throughout the school, non-Jewish families are welcome in the community! The school is very diverse, with a wide range of Jewish, non-Jewish, and interfaith families enrolled.

Photographer: Kimberly Goldwein

Community at EDCJCC Preschool

Community is a major focus at the EDCJCC. Families are welcome regardless of religion, race, family type, or cultural background. This diversity is a central school value, as it enriches the student experience and the children’s overall growth. 

The children, of course, build a strong community in their classrooms, but there are many opportunities for parents to participate and get to know each other, too. Social events, parenting workshops, and volunteer opportunities are offered on varying days of the week and at different times of the day so each family is able to participate, whether a parent is working full time, staying at home, or anything in between. 

Parents with children enrolled in the program also get access to other programming at the EDCJCC, like parenting workshops and access to its fitness facilities, which offer further opportunity to expand your community.

Photographer: Kimberly Goldwein

Convenient Location

The EDCJCC is located at 1529 Sixteenth Street, NW, easily accessible by public transportation (Metro rail’s Dupont station plus several bus routes). There is limited on-site parking, and several other parking garages nearby for drivers. Location-wise, the convenience can’t be beat.  

The preschool schedule is also very accommodating. The school day runs from 9:15 am to 4:15 pm, and there are early drop off and after school care options available, making life easy for parents’ varying schedules. Children experience amazing enrichment opportunities after school, like swimming, creative movement, science programming, karate classes, and more. 

Lastly, the admission process is convenient and stress-free. The school offers rolling admissions and, thanks to the transient nature of the DC area, has space immediately available for this school year.

Photographer: Kimberly Goldwein

Learn More about the EDCJCC Preschool

Discover whether the Edlavitch DC Jewish Community Center Preschool is the right fit for your family at an open house! Register here for both in-person and virtual tours at EDCJCC Preschool.