Where to Find Hot Cocoa Bombs


During the winter, it’s hard to not want to snuggle up on the couch and sip a mug of delicious hot chocolate. The days of powder hot cocoa to stir into your mug just doesn’t seem as fun now that hot cocoa bombs arrived on the scene (and they are tastier than ever).

If you haven’t heard of them yet, we can explain the magic with these chocolate bursts of indulgent flavor. Hot chocolate bombs are circles of chocolate that are filled with hot cocoa mix, marshmallows and other treat. When the bombs mix with warm milk or water, they melt and dissolve into smooth and tasty hot cocoa.

If you’re wanting hot cocoa bombs (especially after reading this), we’ve rounded up store-bought hot chocolate bomb options that you can satisfy your family’s sweet tooth with or gift this holiday season. I also have an option to make your own if you’re curious enough to give it a whirl!

Go ahead and stock up!

Costco Hot Cocoa Bombs

When in doubt, head to Costco (am I right?) Costco is a haven for gourmet treats, particularly for the holiday season. Currently in store and online, the wholesaler has classic hot chocolate BevBombs that are made with “real chocolate and filled with delicious natural mini marshmallows that add a sweet surprise to every sip,” as the description states. If your mouth isn’t watering yet, perhaps the “real milk and dark chocolate, and dusted in natural cocoa,” detail will have you ready to buy.

Currently the original flavor is available to order online for $24.99. In store I’ve seen a 20-bomb variety pack (Peppermint, Cookies and Cream, Salted Caramel, and original).

Amazon’s Hot Cocoa Bomb Options

There are a TON of options on Amazon for hot cocoa bombs. Here are my top picks for everyone on your holiday shopping list.


If you have a Dunkin’ Donuts fan on your gift buying list, the Original Hot Chocolate Bomb, pack of 6 is a sure bet. They come individually wrapped in their box, so gift them all or divvy them up for multiple gifts.

Harry Potter Hot Cocoa and Mugs

Harry Potter fanatics will love these large cauldron mugs and color-changing hot chocolate. The set comes with two different color-changing hot chocolate packets, two ceramic collectable mugs and two bottles of sprinkles. The gift set is perfect for all ages as it’s fun and delicious!

Lillie & Pearl Christmas Milk Hot Chocolate Balls Gift Set

The black box is sleek with four gourmet Belgian milk chocolate spheres loaded with mini marshmallows inside. Two of the bombs are covered in sprinkles and the other spheres are drizzled with white chocolate. The price for the set is $29.95.

Trader Joe’s Hot Cocoa Bombs

Kids will love the hot cocoa polar bears filled made with both milk and white chocolate. They’re filled with marshmallows and more chocolate. In addition to their cute factor, the polar bear hot chocolate bombs are only $1.99, making it perfect for any budget. Be prepared: they fly off the shelves.

While at Trader Joe’s, be sure to pick up the gingerbread person-shaped cookie mug hangers! They’re the yummiest and most adorable hot cocoa accessory (and practical too!). So get ready to sip (and dip).

Target Hot Cocoa Bombs

The Wondershop at Target has singular hot cocoa bombs coated in Belgian white chocolate and adorned with crushed peppermint candy. At a $3 price point, these festive spheres make the perfect little stocking stuffer.

Miscellaneous Stores

While holiday shopping, I noticed many stores have individual hot cocoa bombs at check out (impulse buys!). These make great stocking stuffers or add on little gifts for those on your holiday shopping list! Here are some places to keep an eye out for fun hot cocoa bombs while shopping.


At Michaels craft store, there are individually wrapped single bombs in all flavors. My local shop in Leesburg had them for $2.99. If you’re lucky enough to see it in store (as they’re sold out online) be sure to grab the Frosty the Snowman hot cocoa melts.

Big Lots

Big Lots is another option to purchase them. The store currently has buy two get one free deals on gifts. You can see online here, or purchase in store. One variety pack includes caramel, hot chocolate, and strawberry for $6.49.

Five Below

In store and online you can purchase a four-pack hot cocoa bomb gift set (2 Hot Chocolate, 1 Salted Caramel, and 1 Peppermint) for $5. The store also has BOGO on individual ones which make them $1.50!

Make Your Own Hot Cocoa Bomb!

When the craze began for these decadent hot cocoa treats, I decided to try making my own on a snow day for the kids. They absolutely loved them! Maybe it’s the home-made touch, but they seemed to enjoy these hot cocoa spheres so much more than the store-bought ones.

Here is the mold that I used and purchased from Amazon. I filled with my own mini marshmallows and used melting chocolate.

Tag us on Instagram if you attempt to make hot cocoa bombs! Would love to see how they turn out!


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