PJ Linden Inspired Shoes


Are you a fan of PJ Linden, the well-known, three dimensional artist? With Dimensional Fabric Paint you can try the precise patterns to make PJ Linden inspired shoes. It requires some practice, yet it is possible. I could not believe how easy it was to transform ordinary white sneakers into pieces of art.   

Let’s create your own PJ Linden Inspired shoes. 

PJ Linden inspired shoes

Supplies needed: 

PJ Linden inspired shoes

Here are 7 Steps to create PJ Linden Inspired Shoes: 

Step 1:

Before you start decorating your new pair of shoes, I recommend practicing the pattern technique on a piece of fabric. “Practice makes perfect”, as they say, and it is 100% true in this case as well. Don’t worry–you will get the hang of it very quickly.

Step 2:

Another major step is to think of a design you would like to create on your shoes.  With the Dimensional Fabric Paint, you can create literally anything. I tried hearts, rainbows, flowers- you name it. 

Step 3:

Let’s dive deeper into the technique. Hold the tip to the shoe surface and squeeze gently. Gently is the key word. You don’t want to squeeze too much paint. In the process of paint drying, the paint might leak a bit. So remember to keep a distance between each pattern. Keep it colorful and fun! 

PJ Linden inspired shoes

Also be mindful of keeping your hand up; don’t rest your wrist on the table, as you will squash the paint with your hand or wrist.  This happened to me a few times during the practice run. Just remember to do small patterns; you can always make them bigger if you need to.

Step 4:

Keep going until you are happy with your PJ Linden inspired shoes’ design.

PJ Linden inspired shoes

Step 5:

Let shoes dry flat for at least 4 hours. Secure them with an object, so the shoes remain flat during the drying process. 

Step 6:

You can repeat the same pattern on the other shoe or you can get creative. Let your creativity shine! I decided to create a rising sun. If you look closely at the pattern work, I combined medium and small patterns. It is all about the squeeze.

PJ Linden inspired shoes

Step 7: 

Let dry flat for 4 hours and you are ready to rock and roll in your brand new pair of PJ Linden inspired shoes.  

Pj Linden Inspired Shoes

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