Lucia Pinto

Lucia Pinto has been creating toys and crafts for family and friends since childhood. Lucia is a SAHM, Montessori toy creator, and craft enthusiast of sophisticated and simple objects that inspire and delight young and old alike. Lucia grew up in Slovakia, but her life and work have taken her around the world both as a visitor and a resident. From her hometown in Slovakia to Dubai, across the sea to New York and back again, Lucia’s exploration and immersion into these places and their cultures influence her work today. When she isn’t indoors cutting paper, playing with bright colors, or creating toys, she can be found strolling through nature, playing with her two beloved children in the park, or practicing yoga. She resides with her husband and two children, Luca and Anna, in their downtown apartment in Washington DC.
Rainbow Flower Craft

Rainbow Flower Craft for Kids

In this simple activity, your kids will work on their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and color recognition. The best part of this rainbow flower craft is that you most likely have all the...
recycled easter bunny craft

Recycled Easter Bunny Craft

Turn your empty cereal box into an adorable Easter bunny!  Add artificial or real flowers to create a blooming flower crown for your upcoming masterpiece! Invite your little artists to create this recycled Easter...

DIY Valentine’s Day Craft

Have you ever tried scrape painting? You are going to love it! In fact, I have become addicted to it! And since Valentine's day is just around the corner, let's create a DIY Valentine's...
DIY teacher's gift

Personalized Shadowbox | DIY Teacher’s Gift

Teachers and GIFTS - the never ending dilemma of how to show appreciation and saying “Thank you” for all the hard work. Today, we will show you an EASY and very cute DIY gift...
teaching kindness teach kindness

Why I Teach Kindness in My Virtual Art Class

Why do I teach kindness in my virtual art class? Well, it was another Saturday morning and I had just logged in to my zoom account and launched my virtual art class. Usually it...
DIY T-Shirt Ice Dye

DIY T-Shirt Ice Dye

Have you ever wondered how difficult is it to ice dye your own T-shirt? You are not alone! I wanted to try DIY T-shirt Ice Dye for ages. And today, I am going to...
pj linden inspired shoes

PJ Linden Inspired Shoes

Are you a fan of PJ Linden, the well-known, three dimensional artist? With Dimensional Fabric Paint you can try the precise patterns to make PJ Linden inspired shoes. It requires some practice, yet it is...

Make a Crown of Hope

Your little one will enter a world of imagination with this delicate crown made of yarn, straws, and paper. Find your supplies and let’s get creative! Today, I am going to share with you how...

DIY a Love Bug Memory Wall

Do you have favorite photos or little treasures cluttered on your desk or in a drawer? Why not display them on your wall?! Let’s get creative and construct a memory wall filled with love...

Simple Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, try this very simple Thanksgiving turkey craft with your kids. Find your paper plates and sponges! It's going to get cheerful and colorful in your household this week. Hooray...

DIY Halloween Lion Mask

Can you believe that Halloween is just around the corner? Due to the current situation in the world, Halloween may or may not be canceled this year in your neighborhood. Regardless of the decision,...

Crafts and Activities: Animal Theme Week

Towards the end of (yet) another day of confinement, my 3-year old turned to me with a joyful smile. He murmured in his adorable voice, "Mommy, can we paint a duck?" After a long...

Upcycled Fish Activity for Toddlers

Toddlers and preschoolers alike will enjoy this special play and learning time with you as you explore sorting pom poms together in this unique activity for toddlers that also helps build fine motor skills. This...