5 Unique, Budget-Friendly Date Night Ideas


Hey Moms, I am so happy you’re here and ready to see 5 unique, budget-friendly date night ideas! We all know it is especially hard to have a date night with kids. Plus, there is the added financial stress to going out because of how expensive everything is. However, we still need that one-on-one time to connect with our partners. Dedicating time to have fun together is so valuable especially when it doesn’t break the bank!

1. Picnic at Gravelly Point

During the evening, go plane and people watching. After the kids are in bed, pack some dinner in a bag, and head to Gravelly Point with a picnic blanket and some bug spray. Parking is free and the space is big so you can have privacy to talk and take in the gorgeous views of the water, the monuments in the background. Plus, every once in a while you’ll experience an airplane landing and taking off which is always mesmerizing.

2. Take an Improv Class Together

Improv comedy is a way to explore a new side to your partner since you’re pushed to talk and act out topics that don’t come up daily. Places like the DC Improv Comedy School have single classes and even some longer term courses for a standing date night if you and your partner feel up to it.

3. Have a Deep Question Night 

Studies have shown that we tend to make more and more assumptions about our partner the longer we have been with them. Some ways to get back to basics is to set time to ask each other intentional questions. Maybe go out to your favorite park or local restaurant and during your meal ask yourselves the 36 questions that lead to love or if you’d like to invest in a multipurpose question deck you can try the BestSelf conversation decks. Most of the time these questions will lead to more in depth conversation.

4. $5 Target Challenge or Dollar Tree Challenge 

If you like a good hunt, this date night might be for you. Set a challenging dollar amount and pick a store you and your partner would want to visit. Once you get to the store, you and your partner go your separate ways to find something that will make your partner laugh, something for your partner, or challenge yourself to make a theme of goodies with the small dollar amount.

For example, with a $10 budget and an evening at Target, my partner and I scoured the store and came up with a bag of items that was intended to make the other partner laugh. My bag included a couple candy bars that when placed side by side read a funny phrase. My partner’s bag included socks with funny phrases and knick knacks in the home department that looked questionable and resulted in us having a new inside joke. 

5. Decade Night with a Favorite Nostalgic Movie

This date night is an at-home date. You and your partner take time to think about your favorite kids movie or a movie that’s very nostalgic. Then, after you put your children to bed, you and your partner dress up in accordance to the theme or the decade of the movie. For example, I dressed as Sandy from Greece during our nostalgic movie night. We also made some snacks that were either shown in the movie or from the year the movie was made which added a little spice to watching a movie at home. This makes for a unique date night. 

Do you have unique, budget-friendly date night ideas that you love? Check out these 52 cheap Deck of Cards date night ideas too! Let us know in the comments!