The Best Instagram Accounts for Moms


I used Instagram before I became a parent to keep up with friends, family, and highlights of others’ lives. It wasn’t used for any educational purposes. As the COVID-19 pandemic began and everything went virtual, I started using Instagram to learn more on a wide range of topics. Then I became a parent , and Instagram became one of my go-tos in finding experts to help me with a wide range of parenting and child topics. Now, I follow accounts that are some of the best Instagram accounts for moms (to me at least). 

best instagram accounts for moms
Looking at the best accounts for moms

The positive influence of influencers

I know that their content will not lead me to become an expert myself. I found being able to follow these influencers put my mind at ease on topics that caused me anxiety and give me tools as a parent that I didn’t know about to help myself and my son. Finding these experts allowed me to not fall into the Dr. Google trap and avoid panicking when a website says X, Y, or Z on a topic that I don’t understand.

I’ve found many accounts organically, through suggestions from friends, and from reading articles and other ways. These expert influencers provide much information for free, but many also have paid additional content on blogs and websites that can help deepen your knowledge on particular topics.

Here are some of the best Instagram accounts for mom (some of my personal favorites) and the topics they fall under. *This list is definitely not even close to all the great experts out there who provide content. Have a favorite not mentioned? Let us know on our Instagram account! And don’t forget to visit our website for resources, articles, and more!

Best Instagram Accounts for Moms

DC Area Specific

  • @DCMoms – the BEST account 🙂 the official DC Area Moms Instagram account!
  • @DistriclyLocal – DC area brands with a searchable site
  • @FamilyTripGuides – DMV family friendly activities, including guides
  • @KidFriendlyDC – DC area activities that are kid-friendly

Newborns and postpartum

  • @KarrieLocher – Nurse with breastfeeding and postpartum content, including baby
  • @Expectingandempowered – pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum physical health tips
  • @Momsoncall – Nurses who cover newborn through toddlerhood, includes sleep and scheduling tips and more
  • @Heysleepybaby – Sleep specialist focusing on non-sleep training techniques

Toddlerhood and Beyond

Health and Development

Kids and Eating

Stuff for Moms

  • Physical and mental health

  • Shopping and deals

    • @ThriftyLittles – Daily deals and gift guides for kids of all ages
    • – Products for moms as well as covering all aspects of mom life