Two Moms Celebrate Their Kids’ Father on Father’s Day


Every child’s relationship with their father is unique, and our kids’ connection to theirs is no exception. He lives in the next neighborhood over, he calls them Thee as a sign of affection. He bends down to give them hugs and kisses every time he visits and he has brought an infinite amount of love into our family.  More importantly, he helped my wife and I make this little family. So each June, we try to take time to thank him for his amazing act of generosity.

Our Journey Creating a Family

Our story began many years ago over a plate of pasta at the now shuttered Ristorante AV in DC.  My wife and I nervously asked our friend if he would consider being our sperm donor. His smile let on that he had expected the question.  His response led us on a two-year journey that resulted in the birth of our twins. Now, nine years later, that request has spun into a chosen family of unexpected, but treasured, grandparents, aunts, cousins and uncles that holds our children in a tight knit bundle of community.  


How can we possibly thank someone for such a gift? We try by remembering how lucky we are to have these children in our lives. We try by relishing in our son’s uncanny interest in sharks and our daughter’s infectious laugh – traits surely inherited from their father. We try by making sure they know their father’s family history and feel connected to his past. We visit the family farm and we write letters to far away family members.  Of course, we can never adequately thank him – and he continues to enrich our family by sharing his life and family with ours.

His husband is one of our children’s most treasured companions; he shares their interests in super hero movies, catches them on the flying trapeze and marvels at how they resemble his beloved husband. Our children are better for knowing the love of these men and their family. Their relationship will serve as an example as our children grow up and venture out into the world to form their own families.

Very Normal Family

We started out on this journey believing and hoping that we could create a family by turning outward for help and the result continues to amaze me. As one of their dear grandfathers likes to say, we are just part of his very normal family: Two moms, three sets of grandparents, and one very special Papa C, and for that I am very thankful.

Guest Post Author

Christine Burkhart is a nearly 20-year resident of DC who is raising 9 year old twins with her wife Denise. She also works with the Global Fund for Children and enjoys spending time with her friends and family, traveling to new places, and reading history.