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Please meet 4 new contributing writers to the DC Area Mom Collective. We are excited to have them on the team and look forward to sharing their articles with you! As always, please follow along, ask questions, and comment on all of our posts—we are grateful for our readers. Of course, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss the latest info from DC Area Mom Collective! Please stay tuned as we have an open call for Contributing Writers later this week! 

Shaniece James

Shaniece’s Family: Oshan (Husband of 15 years) and two daughters ages 12
and 7.

Originally from Vallejo, CA

Favorite DC Area Restaurant: Sweet and Natural. I am not vegan, but I enjoy a
largely plant-based diet. Sweet and Natural has wonderful vegan selections
and the tastiest vegan desserts ever!

Her ideal day would be spent: With family and friends outside on a beautiful
day with good food. We could be hiking, taking a walk, or doing cartwheels on
the National Mall. Since we’re moving around so much on this day, we need
food so anyplace with seafood, vegan options, and good cuts of meat for my

Favorite Family Outing in the DC area: Visiting the National Museum of
African American History and Culture and walking along the National Mall. A close
second is visiting our local pool in the summer.

The reasons she loves raising her children in the DC area: I love the diversity
in DC! I find that other cultures are very accessible here with the
Smithsonian museums, monuments, and embassies. I also enjoy the parks, pools, and
free live music events in the DMV.



Whitney Miller

Whitney’s Family: Dwight, husband (married in 2016, dating since 2010), Corey, 6 and Joel, 11.

Originally from New Orleans, LA, but moved to DC in 2001.

Favorite DC Area Restaurant: Carlyle in Shirlington, Lauriol Plaza, Brookland’s Finest, and Busboy’s & Poets.

His ideal day would be spent: Hanging out at the beach with my husband and two sons.

Favorite Family Outing in the DC area: Our favorite family DC outing is Rock Creek Park & the National Zoo.

The reasons he loves raising his children in the DC area: Arts, culture, & diversity.


Lucia Dobranska

Lucia’s Family: Lucia & Filipe & Luca (3 years) & Anna (1 year)

Originally from Slovakia

Favorite DC Area Restaurant: Teaism

Her ideal day would be spent: Crafting & Playing with her children.

Favorite Family Outing in the DC area: Enjoying a hot cup of coffee in the National Portrait Museum (this was during the old good days). Now she enjoys long walks in Downtown DC with her family.

The reason she loves raising her kid in the DC area: Cultural Diversity & its perfect combination of city & nature.

Chelsea Blanks

Chelsea’s Family: Allen (husband) and baby Easton born in June 2019.

Originally from Washington DC (raised in Chevy Chase, MD). Currently, Chelsea lives in NE DC.

Favorite DC restaurant: We haven’t eaten out much as a family, however, as a couple we explore new restaurants often. It’s extremely hard to choose as each neighborhood offers

something unique and different depending on what type of food you’re in the mood for. My favorite DC restaurant is Sequoia in Georgetown. I love the views and the atmosphere and could eat there any time of day—I love each of their menus. It’s my favorite brunch by far!

Her ideal day would be: Waking up and making breakfast for my family. Next, we would take a drive for a day trip over to St. Michael’s for brunch and exploring, have a delicious seafood lunch, and spend the afternoon on the water, preferably on a boat, swimming with Easton (he loves the water), enjoying some music and books (his favs). We would spend the evening having a picnic dinner and watching the sunset.
Favorite Family Outing in the DC area: The Lane Social Club & Navy Yard
The reasons she loves raising her child in the DC area: We love city life and all the opportunities it has to offer: culture (originally dubbed “Chocolate City”), activities (free museums & parks), and events (Cherry Blossom festival). DC is different than most major cities because it’s our nation’s capital, and it’s big enough where you feel like you can march to the beat of your own drum, but small enough where there is a sense of community and you can have a significant impact. We hope that by exposing him to city life, Easton grows to love and appreciate all that DC has to offer as much as we do and is able to have an impact on our community for the future!

We hope you have enjoyed meeting our new contributing writers! Stay tuned for some articles from them. Later this week, we will have an open call for Contributing Writers, so if you are interested in joining our team, please apply! Please be sure to follow along with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest! And subscribe to our newsletter!

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Courtney was born and raised in Louisiana where she met her husband (married in 2005). They have moved several times, but finally feel very settled in NW DC after moving back in 2016. She has four energetic kids: Cormac (2010), Evangeline (2013), Solomon (2016), and Antoinette (2019). She thinks motherhood is absolutely wonderful, but is constantly trying to figure out how to manage it all. She spends her days talking Star Wars, playing with legos, doing crafts, having tea parties, and chasing her toddler. Motherhood is wonderful and wild and in 2017 she banded together with other mothers to start DC Area Moms to inspire, learn, and grow together. She loves morning coffee, chocolate, chatting with people since she's an extrovert, a clean house (which is rare these days). She dislikes when her kids don't listen the first time, she abhors littering, and doesn't enjoy shopping.