3 Content Creators That Keep Me Clicking


If quarantine life has taught me anything, it has certainly opened my eyes to my relationship with technology. More specifically, the amount of time I spend on my phone. Several months ago, I fasted Instagram. And, I am now painfully aware of the need for placing restrictions on screen time. I want to be engaged with my family during this season, but sometimes a girl just has to mindlessly scroll, right? Wrong. These newfound time limits have forced me to be more intentional with the time I spend winding down by looking at a screen. I now focus my screen time on content creators that keep me clicking. Here’s my list.

Photo by Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash

Shea Whitney

I haven’t spent much time on YouTube since my college roommates and I gathered around our hunky laptops with Ramen noodles and Diet Coke to tune in for the latest edition of laughing babies. I know there is a TON of great content on YouTube, but I tend to prefer other social media platforms. That being said, I cannot get enough of Shea Whitney. She’s a full-time working mom of two with fashion and lifestyle hacks galore. Entertaining to watch and easy to listen to, Shea is always giving me tips for how to better utilize the hours in my day and making sure I keep up with the latest trends. She is particularly gifted in the area of trending designers but also keeps us bargain-lovers in the loop for the best quality items at excellent prices. You can find her content on YouTube as well as on Instagram at @shea.whitney. Also, check out her Amazon storefront.

Coffee & Crumbs

For those of you who appreciate a thoughtful blog post (like those on DC Area Moms), check out Ashley, April, and other thoughtful creatives on the Coffee & Crumbs website. If you find yourself wishing you had more time to read others’ work but just don’t, I highly recommend their podcast which is featured on their site or in the App store. Ashley and April are always speaking words of wisdom into my earbuds during my runs or right after dinner, my body weary from the day, and hands covered in dish soap. They discuss all things motherhood and marriage, like maintaining a healthy sex life and making it through the day when your spouse travels for work.

Kids Eat in Color

One of my new favorite Instagram follows is @kids.eat.in.color. Need help navigating the treacherous waters of getting your kids to eat veggies? Nutritionist and mom Jennifer Anderson, MPSH, RDN is always posting helpful hints about encouraging kids to eat healthily. She is real, down to earth, and shares real-life tips that are actually do-able. For example, she provides tips on giving your kids the correct portion size for their age. She also shares ideas for packing snacks for a flight. Another favorite is her advice on how to give kids a non-threatening exposure to vegetables consistently over time. She also addresses the taboo topic of talking with other moms about their kids’ eating habits. She offers helpful responses rather than judgmental ones (which I think we all need). Every time I read her content, I feel more equipped to feed my littles well, even if I feel like I am failing for feeding them cereal for dinner again.

Be purposeful—and spread the positivity!

As moms—or people who use the internet at all—we have a plethora of resources at our fingertips at all times. The information overload can be a hindrance to our productivity and overall well-being. Being intentional with our time and web searches can help.

What sites do you visit again and again that enrich your life? Drop your favorite content creators in the comments below. Content that feeds our souls is the best way to use the gift of technology.