5 Reasons I Outsource and Automate Pretty Much Everything


Have you ever thought to outsource and automate most life tasks? I was – maybe still am – one of those people who likes to do things myself. This is because I have always liked learning, the process, and the sense of accomplishment. Rarely was there something fully outside of my purview to accomplish, but when I determined it was necessary, I would outsource a certain, limited amount of activities. However, since I became a mom 5.5 years ago, I’ve learned that outsourcing is the only way to survive as a working mom. Now, I pretty much outsource and automate as much as possible.

5 Reasons I Outsource and Automate:

1. Spend more time with my kids: Because many of the most time-consuming tasks are taken care of, I get to spend more stress-free time with my children. This is invaluable! Instead of folding my laundry, I have time to take my baby for a walk.

2. Support Local Businesses: I make it my business to hire local, small businesses, who are usually mothers as well! 

3. Less stress: It truly takes a village. I am so grateful that due to the assistance of these businesses, I have less stress in my life.

4. Exercise: Very specifically, due to some of the time freed up by not having to complete these tasks, I have time to exercise. Taking care of myself is of the utmost importance.

5. Quality: All of these tasks are done better than what I would do. Let’s be honest. When I’m trying to do it all, the quality of what I do is just not up to par. I love that all of these things are done well!

7 Life Tasks to Outsource and Automate

1. House Cleaning

It’s flat out impossible to keep a clean and tidy house while taking care of my two children, being a wife, trying to exercise, hang out with friends and family, relax and get a good night’s sleep. A clean house free of (most) clutter keeps my mind clear and promotes good mental health! Plus, when my kids make messes I don’t take it personally or feel overwhelmed!

2. Laundry

When I hired our housekeeper, I specifically asked that laundry be included. It has since morphed into us washing our clothes (I truly do not mind washing), with the housekeeper folding everything. Previously, we just had a bunch of wrinkly, washed clothes in hampers everywhere. So glad those days are over. So, even if the clothes do not get put away, everything is ready to wear!

3. Baby Food

With my first son, I was determined to make most of his first foods. Why???? With my second, I utilized Yumi and the prepackaged purees from the grocery store. I loved the variety offered as well. I would obviously NEVER buy dragonfruit and chickpeas! Therefore, my second son ate more varied foods. It was a no-brainer.

4. Professional Organizer

Yes, I am type A. BUT! Hiring professional organizers really enhanced all the systems in my home. When everything has a place, it is easier to clean up, put groceries away and my older son has even learned the systems. His play area is so easy to clean up and he seamlessly understood where his cars and legos go. Highly recommended!

5. Honest Diapers

There is something special about a subscription based diaper and wipes service that makes it much easier to ensure we do not run out of diapers. Because I set up the service on a five week interval, I get a reminder and simply ensure the sizing (and cute prints!) are correct.

6. Amazon Subscribe & Save

All of those random things you need for kids – sunscreen, bubble bath, band-aids, for example – I order through this service. Again, because it’s a monthly thing, I simply adjust and add items I need. The fact that it arrives at my doorstep is a bonus.

7. Virtual Assistant

I’M NOT QUITE HERE YET, GUYS! But, there’s always paperwork, doctor and dentist appointments to schedule, vacations to research and book, finding summer camps, and so many other small tasks to be done that make a household run smoothly, including those subscription services I just talked about! I’ve strongly considered hiring a virtual assistant for a few hours per month. Have any of you done this yet?!

What do you outsource and automate?

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