What to Buy an Expecting Mom


Know an expecting mom and wondering what to get her? As a mom of one, and soon to be two, these are baby shower and mom gifts that I would love! So if you are heading to a baby shower, consider getting some of the following gifts for that mom-to-be. 

Snacks, Water Bottles, and Travel Coffee Mugs

Never in my life have I been so thirsty, hungry, or tired as when I came home with my newborn. Hunger would hit me suddenly, and I just had to eat. For that reason, it is so nice to gift a new mom with a bundle of her favorite snacks. 

When you are managing a newborn, its also great to have tons of water easy accessible – and water bottles hold more water and are a bit easier to manage than a glass or cup when you are holding your little one. Having a quality travel coffee mug will keep her coffee warm, and of course from spilling, which would be dangerous around a little one. Travel mugs just aren’t for being out and about – they are also for sleep deprived and accident prone moms who like drinking warm coffee. 

The Contigo brand travel coffee mugs are my absolute favorite – I throw them in my purse, with no worry of them leaking. This one is particularly cute. For water bottle the CamelBak Eddy bottles are great – anything with a straw might be easier for a new mom to manage while nursing. 

Coffee Shop Gift Cards

It’s hard getting out, but it feels so great as a new mom when you can take a stroll for the first time and grab a coffee out. Having a gift card might be a little bit of an encouragement to get out and indulge in a well desired coffee and break. You can’t really go wrong with gifting a new mom with coffee.

Dry Shampoo, Fun Hair Bands, and Face Masks

Now, I don’t an expect a new mom to have it together or attempt to look together. But these items just help a new mom feel pampered during an exhausting time that is likely not including a lot of showers. Invest in a high quality dry shampoo for her (note that if she has darker hair, you need to specifically buy one that says it’s for darker hair or residue might show). 

Hair bands are one way to help her to dress up her messy bun, and face masks just feel refreshing. I’ve found that the sheet masks are the easiest to deal with as a mom because you simply wash your face, and apply the mask, and then just take the sheet off when you are done (most don’t require you to wash your after after your time is up). This mask from Burt Bees has been my favorite yet. 

Sweet Notes

When my best friend had her second baby, I wrote her a bunch of notes on index cards. Some of these cards had quotes that were motherhood specific, others words of affirmation, and some just funny stories from our time together that I hoped would make her laugh. She was able to pick up just one card at a time, whenever she needed. 

Motherhood is tough, and that postpartum time can be hormonal. Words of encouragement can mean a lot!

Something off the Registry

And lastly, and importantly, SOMETHING OFF HER REGISTRY. Every mom is hoping to be gifted some of the items listed on her registry. Go for the items you think are most useful or just for the mom, versus the cutest items everyone will go for. She will appreciate it!

At the end of the day, the most useful thing will be you giving your time and words of encouragement once that baby arrives. What are items you’ve given or received that you’ve loved? 


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Kristin grew up mostly in the midwest but has lived all over (California, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, Virginia, and DC). She currently stays at home with her three-year-old son and 4-month-old daughter, but previously worked as a youth social worker and in different corporate positions. She loves to be outside as much as possible and prefers walking everywhere (especially with DC traffic!). She is a sucker for donuts and cannot live without coffee. Her hope in sharing her writing is that other moms will feel less alone in their motherhood journey.