Free, Printable Teacher Questionnaire & 7 Tips to Build Community


School has begun and we are over the moon. However, do you know your child’s teacher? See our free, printable teacher questionnaire to get to know teachers or other staff! Our kids are at school ALL day and these amazing teachers, assistants, and administrators are pouring into their lives more than we will ever know.

Fun Printable to Get to Know Teachers

With this fun, printable (or email-able) questionnaire, you’ll learn your child’s teachers birthday, favorite color, favorite food or drink, favorite museum or book, and what they like and enjoy doing in their spare time. This is also a way to let your child’s teacher know that you care about them!

Ask the teacher to fill it out (just six questions!) so you can make sure they feel celebrated, seen, and appreciated. PLUS, it is a wonderful way to teach our children to ask about other people–to care ask and care about their hobbies and interests. After you get the questions back from the teacher, you can email the class or room parent(s) the answers so everyone is on the same page.

>> Free, Printable Teacher Questionnaire <<

Have fun getting to show appreciation for your child’s teacher. Kids are always watching us and going out of our way to be curious and show interest in others really helps paint a picture of what community looks like.

Be a Community Builder at School

This printable is great, but here are 7 more ways to get involved with the new school community.

  1. Create a WhatsApp Group for your child’s class. This helps fellow parents not miss important dates like school pictures or meetings. Be sure to email a link to the WhatsApp Group you create and printout a link and make sure it makes it in classmates backpacks.
  2. Make sure your child’s teacher feels celebrated on their birthday. A card from the kids, flowers or a plant, or a gift card is always appreciated!
  3. Plan a party and invite the class and teachers over or plan a class playdate at a local park. Make it a potluck for even more fun!
  4. Invite a classmate or two over for a playdate. The kids love this and it really helps build community outside of the schools walls.
  5. Ask other parents for their number to plan some gatherings. Friends with the same-aged kids are amazing!
  6. Bring little gifts to teachers or administrators during the year. A mini pumpkin, homemade card, flowers, a plant, etc. shows that you care and have been thinking of them.
  7. Compliment fellow parents, teachers, administrators, and classmates of your child. Everyone is doing the best they can and words of encouragement can go a long way in helping make sure people have a great day (or week!).

Enjoy and feel free to share other ways to engage and build community with teachers and the school community!