Mathpid App Helps Build Math Skills and Confidence in Students

This article is written in partnership with Mathpid.

Anyone else’s child need a little math help? The Mathpid App ( is here to help! Tutors are wonderful, but access to Math practice at the touch of our child’s finger tips is essential to practice math skills to help students fully understand concepts. Mathpid has been in education for 42 years and is designed for children from Pre-K through 9th grade.
Mathpid app helps students with math

Install the FREE Mathpid app for to supplement your child’s math skills. We have used it for our children and they have enjoyed it. What we like most about it is how it changes based on the child’s skill level. They offer an initial test to see where they are and then go from there. One of our daughter’s favorite features is the built in note pad with space for children to work on problems. Additionally, children can write out answers on the notepad within the app and Mathpid interprets it as the answer. It’s super fun and easy!

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The User and Child-Friendly Mathpid App

Mathpid is user friendly and fun for kids and grows with your child as they complete problems. As children grow in their math skills through practice on Mathpid, children grow in their confidence in math. This app helps solidify basic math concepts and helps form self-directed learning in children. 

The Mathpid educational learning app helps children build voluntary learning habits in a fun way. It is something useful they will want to do on electronics. This can also be used as supplemental practice for children in traditional schools and is also great resource for home schoolers too!

mathpid appOne thing we love about the Mathpid app is that parents can be more aware of their child’s math skills and practice. We can see first hand if they are asking to see an explanation of a concept in the app. Instead of watching children begin to feel like they are not good at math, using this app can help build confidence. This is a great alternative to tutoring which can be both costly and take a lot of time for parents. And a great way for parents to be proactive in helping make sure students are staying on top of math skills.

Special Features in the Mathpid App

  1. Real time AI analysis helps children to learn the basic concepts of mathematic
  2. Step-by-step explanations and tutorial videos to help with math problems
  3. The app math camera instantly solves difficult problems by scanning the example and even analyses handwriting. It gives the solution with step-by-step explanation and offers similar math examples. Draw out the problem and have Mathpid help answer it or take a photo of a worksheet or problem and have Mathpid scan it to help answer it. How neat!
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  4. Immediate 1:1 feedback allows children to self-learn
  5. Children can reach LEVEL 7 in the Mathpid app after 12 weeks
  6. Mathpid has daily and weekly missions that focus on math problems like addition, subtraction, fractions, decimals, equations, multiplication, and division.
  7. Access to unlimited questions and worksheets.
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Mathpid is here to help!

Download Mathpid on IOS & Google Play Store for free This would be great to use over the winter break since it acts like a private tutor at the touch of a button. Helping children learn to love math can happen and Mathpid is here to help!