Easy, Fun Snowman Winter Craft with Toilet Paper Roll


Supply List:

Step 1: Toilet Paper Roll & Paint

Squeeze a bit of white paint onto your palette or piece of paper. Dab your paper roll in a white hue and do a few round movements to ensure the color is all around the paper roll’s edges.

Step 2: Snowman Craft Head and Body

Next create two circles by stamping your paper roll onto the cardboard. The first circle will be the head of the Snowman, and the second one will be the body. You want the circles to be right underneath each other.

Step 3: Snowman Craft Snowflakes

Let’s add a few snowflakes around the little Snowman. Ideally, you want to use a very thin paintbrush to create the perfect snowflakes!

There are so many ways to draw a snowflake! I like to draw simple lines! A line down then a line across and another line across. Repeat this snowflake step as many times as you like! Add a few dots between the lines too!

Step 4: Snowman Craft Hill

Use the remaining white hue to paint a slight hill so the Snowman is not floating in the air. Let it dry.

Step 5: Snowman Craft Hat

While you wait for the paint to dry, get crafty and cut a cute-looking hat for your Snowman! You can use red felt or colored construction paper. Any color would work! If you have little -pom-poms or glitter at home, find it and use it!

In this step, encourage your kids to use their imagination to sketch the hat of their choice! It can be small, big, rounded, pointy, and so on! Any shape and colors are welcome!

Step 6: Snowman Craft Face

Let’s design the face of your little Snowman. Draw one black circle and one arched line for the second eye. Add two curved lines for the eyelashes! You can also use two small googly eyes- the choice is yours! This way, the Snowman is winking. Add a carrot for the nose! Two circles for the cheeks and a few little black circles for the mouth.

Step 7: Snowman Craft Highlights

Dip the end of your paintbrush into white paint and stamp it onto the open eye. This will be the reflection in Snowman’s eye. Use your thin paintbrush to create two curved lines for the cheeks’ highlights.

Step 8: Snowman Craft Buttons

To make the Snowman complete, glue the buttons. And don’t forget the hat and a pom-pom or glitter.

Have fun creating this simple Snowman Craft in the winter wonderland. Use your imagination and the supplies you have at home. This craft is FUN, unique, and easy to create! For a full video tutorial, please check out my youtube video and comment below on what we shall make next!

Happy Crafting