DIY T-Shirt Ice Dye


Have you ever wondered how difficult is it to ice dye your own T-shirt? You are not alone! I wanted to try DIY T-shirt Ice Dye for ages. And today, I am going to show you how to do it! Turn your white t-shirt into a colorful and uniquely designed piece of your summer clothing.  This is a fun and colorful project for your creative hands. Let’s get started.

Don’t fear DIY projects. They are fun and this DIY T-Shirt Ice Dye will make you stand out from the crowd this summer.  

DIY T-Shirt Ice Dye


Step 1

DIY T-Shirt Ice Dye

Before you begin, wash your t-shirt according to the label and let it dry. If you are using a dryer, make sure you don’t use a dryer sheet. For the best result, use a 100% cotton t-shirt. Once it’s dry you are ready to start. Fold your t-shirt in half. 

Step 2:

DIY T-Shirt Ice Dye

From the bottom, fold the t-shirt like you would fold a paper fan. Keep going until you’ve folded the whole t-shirt. Tightly tie the rubber bands around the t-shirt. You can tie as many rubber bands as you like.

Step 3

DIY T-Shirt Ice Dye

Place the Ice-Dye Grate, which is usually a part of your ice dye package, over a tub or container to collect dye and water running off as the ice melts. Set the bound t-shirt on top of the Ice-Dye Grate.

Step 4

DIY T-Shirt Ice Dye

Now the fun begins! Remember to put the gloves before you apply the dye powder.  For more color blending effects, sprinkle lighter-colored dye powders directly on your t-shirt before adding ice.

Step 5

DIY T-Shirt Ice Dye

Cover your t-shirt with ice and sprinkle DYE Powder on the ice. I used darker dye powder on one side and lighter on the other side of the t-shirt. Feel free to experiment with the provided colors. You can even sprinkle each color on top of each other if you wish.

Step 6

DIY T-Shirt Ice Dye

Watch the magic happen. In other words, let the ice melt. If you see unsaturated dye powder on your t-shirt, just add more ice and allow to melt again. I added pieces of ice a few times during the melting process. As the ice melts, it will activate the dye powders and transfer them onto your t-shirt.

Step 7

Once the ice melts completely, put the gloves on again and cut the rubber bands.  Wash it on COLD with a small amount of laundry detergent.  Wash a dry separately for the first few washes.  

DIY T-Shirt Ice Dye

Ta Da! And there you go!  Be proud of your very own DIY T-SHIRT ICE DYE and show it to the world.  

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