Make a Crown of Hope


Your little one will enter a world of imagination with this delicate crown made of yarn, straws, and paper. Find your supplies and let’s get creative!

Today, I am going to share with you how to create this Yarn Floral Crown aka The Crown of Hope. Because “Where Florals bloom, so does Hope.” – Lady Bird Johnson.


Step 1

Tape two pieces of construction paper together. Mark the width and length of green construction paper using the ruler. This will be the base of the crown. 

Step 2

Cut out the base of the crown and wrap it around your child’s head. Use tape to stick both ends together.

Step 3

Stick the piper cleaners onto the back of the crown using tape. You can stick as many as you want. Remember, the first arch is the longest, then each pipe cleaner needs to be cut shorter so you can create a rainbow.

Step 4

Use the circle puncher to make a big circle (you can also trace a glass cup and just cut it out). Make another circle inside the bigger circle and cut the inner circle out.

Step 5

Get your yarn and thread it through the smaller circle. Keep going until you don’t have any white paper left. To secure the last two inches of yarn you can either loop it through the yarn and make a knot or you can just glue the yarn ends together.

Step 6

Cut the straw in half and cut a leaf from felt or paper. Apply Tacky Glue onto the straw and stick on the felt leaf. It takes a few minutes to dry so set it aside until it dries.

Step 7

Decorate your yarn flower as you like. I cut out a small circle from an old child’s painting and glue it in the middle of the flower. Apply the Tacky glue on the back of the flower and stick the straw to it. If you want, you can secure the yarn flower and the stem with tape.  You can also use super glue or hot glue to hold it. I used the tape to secure the flowers.

Step 8

Create as many flowers as you like. The crown will hold 3 to 4 flowers depending on the size of the circles you cut. You can also use pom-poms to create flowers. Apply the tacky glue on the bottom of the pom-pom and press firmly when sticking it to the straw. 

Step 9

Use tape to secure the flowers onto the inside of the crown. Just make sure the flowers are spread around the crown evenly.

Step 10

Call your little munchkin to try it on! The Crown of Hope is done. Happy Crafting!

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