Father’s Day Gifts for Landscape Lovers


Is the father in your life a landscaping lover? If so, this is a Father’s Day landscape gift guide just for you. I say this, not because I think all Father’s love garage stuff and lawn care, but because my own husband loves lawn care. He was out doing yard work about 30 minutes after the movers left when we moved into our house.

Father's Day Gifts Landscape
Photo by Jared Muller on Unsplash

My caveat with this is these are not things I have bought him, as he has bought pretty much all of them for himself. I actually enlisted his help in curating this list, so as someone who does not love lawn care (although I did ask him to let me try the lawn mower for a few minutes recently when he was mowing. It was fine.), I think this is a solid guide for a landscaping lover on Father’s Day! And I am only listing the things he actually likes and uses, and yes, we do have other gadgets that go unused.

Grass Gifts

  • Lawn mower: Seems like the most obvious one, but there are a lot of types of lawn mowers out there! Here are a few that could work for small, medium, or big yards.
  • Edger/weed wacker: Ok, these freak me out a bit, but this is one of the most loved gadgets we have.

Leaf Gifts

  • Rake: A classic. Everyone needs a rake. Also, get a kids sized one for them to help!
  • Leaf blower: Another classic tool every house probably should have. A reminder that in DC you cannot use gas powered leaf blowers anymore, so here’s a battery operated version.
  • Leaf vacuum: We just got this one recently and I am obsessed with it. It sucks up and cuts up the leaves! How cool.
  • Yard bags: I appreciate this add to the list because I don’t like the mess yard work makes, and this helps keep it nice and clean.

Garden Gifts

  • Hose and hose reels: If you’re like me and don’t like the hose just laying around, the hose reel is a necessity.
  • Spade: Got to get one of these to plant stuff!
  • Fertilizer: Helpful to actually help grow your plants.

Other Landscaping Gifts

  • Pressure Washer: We’ve lent this out so many times that I cannot count how many.
  • Carpet cleaner: This was an add from me. I love this one so much. It’s so fun and cleans so well!

With Father’s Day coming up, we hope this landscape gift guide inspires you to get some handy tools dad (and mom!) can get excited about.


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