Top Spots & Tips to Take Kids Sledding in the DMV


There’s snow! Looking for the perfect location to take kids sledding in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia region? First off, there are so many options! Safety is always the top priority, so if walking is the only option, then that is great! However, if you are able to drive to sled, then that’s fun too! Of course, parking in snow can be a little tricky, so keep that in mind. We have asked our team and they have shared their favorite places to sled.

Sledding with Kids

Top Spots to Take Kids Sledding in the DC area:

Washington, DC Sledding Spots

  1. Capitol Hill
  2. Gallaudet
  3. Eastern High School
  4. Rock Creek Park
  5. Meridian Hill Park

Maryland Sledding Spots

  1. North Bethesda Middle School
  2. Julia Bindeman Suburban Center in Potomac
  3. Wheaton Regional Park
  4. Cabin John Regional Park
  5. Takoma Park Middle School

Virginia Sledding Spots

  1. Ida Lee Rec Center in Leesburg
  2. Wolf Trap in Vienna
  3. Air Force Memorial in Arlington
  4. Masonic Temple in Alexandria
  5. Ashland Elementary in Manassas

Here are our Sledding Tips:

  • Sled early before it gets too crowded
  • Bring a sled (or a cardboard box wrapped in a trash bag will work for a while).
  • Wear layers with socks, gloves, hat, jacket, thermal underwear, scarf, etc. (Costco has great gloves and thermal underwear)
  • Purchase winter gear second-hand at a favorite local thrift store or borrow or get hand-me-downs from neighbors
  • Keep your feet dry with snow boots or rainbows (with several layers of socks)
  • Bring water (sledding can be a workout!)
  • Make a goal to stay 30 minutes or an hour. If you stay too long, then the kids could get overly tired, and then no one is having fun.
  • Make friends while sledding and ask if there are other fun nearby sledding spots!

What is your favorite place to take kids sledding?

Take kid sledding


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