7 Fun Mom’s Night Out Ideas


Ready for a fun Mom’s Night Out? If there’s anyone who could use a break from real life every now and again, it’s us, Moms! We need a night off every now and then to recharge and regroup with our friends, and maybe even make some new ones. We’ve all got to keep building and investing in our mom tribe. If you’re looking to bond with moms that you don’t know well – maybe moms you chat with in your neighborhood or building, or the moms of other kids in your kid’s class – invite some new faces to your moms night.

Here are seven fun Mom’s Night Out ideas below:

1. Head to Happy Hour

If your mom friends are like me and they all need to be in bed by 9:30 to survive being woken up at sunrise the next day (school day or not), meet for happy hour! And don’t worry if not all your friends drink, either, mocktails are very trendy and many bars have a dedicated menu for them!

2. Do a Workout Together

As Elle Woods said, endorphins make you happy, so why not have a mom’s get-together trying a new type of workout, like rock climbing, or doing a group class. Try a new type of workout at a local studio in your neighborhood, or gather everyone in your basement to do a virtual workout class. FitOn is a great resource for free virtual workouts, as is YouTube!

3. Have a Photo Shoot

Gather your girlfriends, get dressed up, and head to a backyard or a local outdoor spot to take advantage of great lighting and shoot some group candids of everyone laughing and having fun together. We have a list of photographers that would think this is a great, unique idea, or take turns being photographer!

4. Take or Create a Class

Painting, cooking, self defense – you can find a class for just about anything these days. Or if there’s something that you are an “expert” in (like making sour dough bread), you can even create a fun class at your home for friends. Everyone needs a reason to have some fun! Some ideas are: Wreath making, bouquet making, bread making, sewing, knitting, dancing, etc.

5. Game Night

Play games that aren’t kid-appropriate – make sure the kids are out of the house and play Cards Against Humanity, Off-Topic or Drawing without Dignity and get ready for rounds of laughter with your friends.

6. Start a Book Club

This way you have an excuse for a mom’s night every month! Start your own book club, or invite your friends to join our book club, and meet some new mom friends!

7. Have Youthful Fun

Imagine yourself as a middle schooler or high schooler. What did you like to do? Paint nails, go to the movies, roller skate, see a concert, etc. Think of FUN things you did when you were in your teens and do them now. Spoiler alert: it’s still fun to have fun!

What is your favorite thing to do for a fun Mom’s Night Out?

PS- If you are thinking that a MNO would be fun, the mom you would like to hang out with probably does too! Taking that first step toward fun with friends can be tricky, but it’s essential! Let’s make motherhood less lonely!