7 “Travel” Books to Keep Your Kids Entertained


kids travel books

Ready to travel? Take your kids on a virtual journey around the globe — and beyond — with these kids’ “travel” books

Now that it is possible for us to travel, it is fun to discover new places that may interest your child to learn about. 

After the years of lockdowns, travel restrictions, and general angst about COVID canceling travel plans for many of us, we are ready to visit friends and relatives and to explore the world.

Learning about a new (or old) place via books is never dull. There’s so much to learn and teach our children! My son used to grab our travel books off the shelf. That’s probably because they were on a shelf just at his height, but I like to think he wanted to explore, too. Books can offer a nice window into other parts of the world — and kids’ books are no exception. Here are seven “travel” books that have provided joy to everyone in my house, adults included. 

The “Travel” Books

Around the globe

1. Follow Me Around the World by Roger Priddy

I love Priddy books in general, but this one has always been a big hit at our house. I spotted it at one of my favorite local bookshops (Bards Alley in Vienna, VA) just in time for my son’s first birthday, and it was a big hit. 

2. Maps by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski

Maps are our son’s obsession of the moment. (“Mom Mom, can I see the map on your phone?” “Mom Mom, can you show me where Grandma and Pap live on your computer map?”) So my husband snagged this fabulous collection of maps from around the world to keep him — and us — entertained. The book is full of interesting facts about the places it maps out. (Did you know the composer Frederic Chopin was Polish? I did not.)

3. A is for Australia by Frané Lessac

I bought this book for my husband when we first moved to Sydney, a year before we knew we were going to have a kid. (We have a tradition of buying each other kids books for Christmas.) Like Maps and Sasek books, this one is interesting for both kids and adults alike. I learned a lot about the country we were living in at the time — and even added some cities to my Australia “to-see” list —by reading this book.

Iconic places

4. Landmarks by Katie Wilson

This super-simple board book features easy-to-recognize images of some of the world’s iconic structures, including the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty, along with the name of the feature and its location. A great way to introduce the littlest littles to places around the globe!

 5. Off to the Beach! by Cocoretto

This great tactile book features the textures of the beach, including scratchy sand, clingy wetsuits and smooth and shiny water pails — a nice way to teach your baby about playtime at the shore.

Out-of-this-world travel

6. This is the Way to the Moon by Miroslav Sasek

If you’ve not yet discovered Sasek books, you’re in for a treat. The beautiful illustrations, witty writing and treasure troves of facts are a treat for kids and parents alike — think Peanuts specials, but with more learning. My son spotted this one on a high shelf at a used book shop in Staunton, Va., and has been reading it ever since.

7. Mousetronaut Goes to Mars by Mark Edward Kelly and C.F. Payne 

Finally, why not dream about a far off place? This adorable tale of a hero “mousetronaut” is co-written by real-life (retired) astronaut Mark Kelly.

 Do you have any kids’ travel books that you love? Let us know!

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