Alicia McKenzie: Mom of the Month [March 2023]


The Washington, DC area is full of amazing moms. There are working moms, stay-at-home moms, single moms, moms of multiples, foster moms, adoptive moms, etc. We want to highlight some of those moms like Alicia McKenzie! Each month we will feature one special mom as the Mom of the Month. Know a fellow amazing local mom here? Nominate them here!

Meet our March Mom of the Month…. Alicia McKenzie  Photo credit: Tylander Photography

Meet our March Mom of the Month: Alicia McKenzie

Alicia McKenzie, also known as @LiftLikeAMother, is the driving force behind McKenzie Enterprise LLC. She has a decade of experience in the fitness industry as a former USAW Elite CrossFit athlete, CrossFit gym owner, certified personal trainer, and real estate portfolio owner. And has now created a top-notch digital coaching service specifically for women’s comprehensive health and wellness.

Furthermore, she recently authored a book titles “Balance is Bullshit: A Realistic Approach to Integrating Healthier Habits into Your Life.” Being a business owner, wife, mother of five, and a bi-racial woman, she brings a unique perspective to her coaching, and is passionate about empowering other women to take control of their wellness and lead successful lives.

Alicia and her family Photo credit: Alyona Photography

Here is our Q&A with Alicia McKenzie

1. Why do so many women strive for balance? We know balance is unattainable – what can we all control to get closer to achieving goals and happiness within ourselves, homes and work?

I always say that if I make this look easy, I apologize. Full disclosure: Yes I have 5 kids but I also have a nanny, a housekeeper, and my mother lives with us. At our home, it is “all hands on deck” all the time!

I think a lot of women strive for balance because we are constantly told that we can and should be achieving it. Workout five days a week, eat nutritious home-cooked meals, raise kind children without the use of screen time, be successful at your job and keep a Pinterest-perfect house, without help because no-one should be raising your children (insert eye roll).
I am trying to help women re-write that narrative. Some weeks, we survive on take out or catered meals and that’s ok. Some weeks, I workout a ton and other weeks I don’t workout at all and that’s OK too. It’s really important for women to understand that every season in life is temporary. You won’t always be sleep-deprived and strapped for time.  While you are, focus on what you can control and ignore what you can’t control.

2. What tactics do you recommend we employ to best control the 4 Pillars?

Setting reasonable daily milestones. I look at my calendar every Sunday. If it’s a kid and work-heavy week, I lower my fitness expectations and vow to be satisfied with 10-20 minute walks versus 45-60 minute workouts. I put more focus on short bursts of movement and sound nutrition so I can be present for those that need me. I also love a good meal-delivery program! On the other hand, if I have a light week with activities and business, I go full-bore into my fitness regimen, social activities, and self-care and do all the things because I enjoy it!
My top 4 tangible tactics are:
1) Keep water by my bed and drink it as soon as I wake. We are all probably suffering from dehydration, at least a little bit, so this helps me get started in the right direction!
2) Make my bed every morning, except Sundays.
3) Plan my days in advance based on what needs more attention.
4) I don’t keep my phone in the same room that I sleep in. I charge it away from my bed to lessen the draw.

3. Share when you have fallen off this path. What actions do you take to get back on course?

Once something becomes a habit, such as movement or hydration, it gets easier and easier to get a grip on it again. Also, my path is fluid and yours should be too! Some weeks, I’m walking on a sandbar enjoying the waves and other weeks I am treading water in the deep end, but it doesn’t last forever.
Pick one habit, focus solely on that one habit and make it second nature before you move on to the next. Stop trying to do so much at the same time! Your mental wellness will thank you for it.
Alicia McKenzie balancing the stresses and pressures of daily life! Photo credit:Lauren Nievod photography

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