Tanya Jaklis

Tanya grew up in Northern Virginia and calls this area home. Her parents immigrated from the Middle East when she was a young kindergartner. She loves finding creative ways to integrate the Middle Eastern and American cultures and passing on traditions to her kids. She married her husband in 2005 and they have two daughters (12 and 9 years old). She is a Certified Life & Leadership Coach with 17+ years of experience in learning & development and international affairs and loves serving her clients powerfully. Tanya has a passion for helping leaders and organizations create spaces where everyone thrives. She brings a mindful approach to coaching and supports leaders with their continued growth and development as they prioritize their well-being and effectively lead themselves and others confidently. Tanya is passionate about building community and connection and loves living in the DC area where opportunities to learn, explore and grow are limitless. She loves spending time with family and friends, hugging her daughters, traveling, coffee, and meaningful conversations. She's always up for a virtual or in person coffee chat and would love to connect. You can connect with her on instagram (@tanyajaklis) or on LinkedIn.

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